The Tenants’ Songbook

The Tenants’ Songbook is a collection of songs and text pieces on the theme of renting.

The programme note:

Name and Address(es):

The Performers

Where this is a joint tenancy, the term ‘Tenant’ applies to each of the individuals above and the full responsibilities and rights set out in this Agreement apply to each Tenant who will be jointly and severally liable for all the obligations of the Tenant under this agreement.

Name: Neil Tòmas Smith

(“the Landlord(s)”)

Registration number (Landlord 1): Pending – The Landlord will inform the tenant of the Registra – Hey, I’m not saying they’re bad people, I’ve had some great landlords but.


The Landlord and Tenant agree that all communications which may or must be made under the Act and in relation to this Agreement, including notices to be served by one part on the other will be made in writing using:

The email addresses set out in clauses 2 and 1.
For communication by email it is essential that the Landlord(s) and tenant(s) consider carefully whether this option is suitable for them. This is about collecting all the experiences of renting, good and bad.

4. Details of the Let Piece

The materials here enclosed are an invitation to create a performance on the subject of renting. They can be arranged in any order, can interrupt each other, and can be performed simultaneously. Not all materials must be heard.

Type of property:
A collection of songs with accompaniment. They can be arranged, transposed, altered, excised and distributed among different members of the ensemble. It must not always be the singer who takes the vocal line. The songs have been left relatively simple, unadorned, so that performers can make their mark on them.

Any shared areas/facilities:
The songs can, indeed should, be supplemented by the performers’ own experiences, ideas, theatrical flourishes and songs. The property rights remain with the Landlord, but only up to a point.

The piece is let unfurnished.


The tenant agrees to continue to occupy the Let Property at his or her home and must obtain the Landlord’s written permission before carrying out any trade, business or profession there, of course renting isn’t totally awful.There are beautiful moments because where you live is such a fundamental part of how you live your life and living with friends can be amazing. By all means add these experiences too.

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Published by N.T. Smith

Composer + Researcher

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