Introducing Neil Tòmas Smith

Welcome to a page with my latest news and further links to explore my work.

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Latest News

2020 was a difficult year for musicians but there were positives to be taken from time spent reflecting on my work and having some time to write.

Indeed, last year saw quite a few projects come to an end, though the all-important performances are still in the pipeline.

Chief amongst the completed projects was the CD of contemporary clarinet music, Strange Machines, for which I wrote the title track. Played by the amazing Jonathan Sage, we were delighted to make our crowdfunding target and the CD will come out in 2021.

This includes a large work, Stop Motion Music, for vibraphone, electronics and 3 flutes; The Music Lesson for solo harp (discussed on the Twelfth Day podcast); Progressions of Memory for solo Baroque flute for Carla Rees; and Manual for two cellists playing without bows.

During Lockdown I also took a free course on Logic with the Academy of Sound. This has resulted in an experimental MIDI album, which will be released in 2021.

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