Introducing Neil Tòmas Smith

Welcome to a page with my latest news and further links to explore my work. For a full list of works, projects, and a more bounteous biography, see Latest News 2020 was a difficult year for musicians but there were positives to be taken from time spent reflecting on my work and having someContinue reading “Introducing Neil Tòmas Smith”

3 Political Songs

This is a new piece for SATB vocal quartet. The texts comprise original quotes from David Hume (and one from John McGrath), around which I have written some colloquial commentary. There are lots of ways of writing political music: through including the sound of protest, attempting to deal with particular social issues through choices ofContinue reading “3 Political Songs”

2 Pride and Prejudice Pieces

The BBC adaption of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice gives its actors a wonderful opportunity to produce some eminently quotable lines. Take this from the hypochondriac Mrs Bennet, played by the peerless Alison Steadman. Neil Tòmas Smith · IdoNotSeeThat My partner’s regular recall of these quotes drew my attention to their musical qualities. There isContinue reading “2 Pride and Prejudice Pieces”

The Tenants’ Songbook

The Tenants’ Songbook is a collection of songs and text pieces on the theme of renting. The programme note: 1. TENANTName and Address(es): The Performers Where this is a joint tenancy, the term ‘Tenant’ applies to each of the individuals above and the full responsibilities and rights set out in this Agreement apply to eachContinue reading “The Tenants’ Songbook”

Perihelion / Aphelion

I have been working on a new orchestral piece, Aphelion, for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s Composers’ Hub. It is one of two pieces that take the idea of orbits as their inspiration (the second is Perihelion for the LPO Young Composers’ Programme).The Aphelion is the point of an orbit furthest from the sun; theContinue reading “Perihelion / Aphelion”

Thoughts on an orchestral event 2

What can digital offer that the regular concert experience cannot? The answer to this is not a one-camera recorded concert for an orchestra’s usual audience, however much we want to keep them engaged. If an orchestra offers a performance of a Beethoven Symphony, there is little that such a recording would offer me that anyContinue reading “Thoughts on an orchestral event 2”

Thoughts on an orchestral event 1

The concert hall provides so many things that, to the initiated at least, hide in plain sight. A theatrical, architectural, and spatial focus on the stage and on the musical experience is one; a social environment is another, whether it is in the bars at the interval or in people-watching from your seat. The concertContinue reading “Thoughts on an orchestral event 1”

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